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OCM Global is truly a friend of the swine producer! OCM Global is a unique blend of minerals (non-medicated) that has been credited with preventing and solving digestive problems in livestock for many years. Swine producers, production mangers, and veterinarians have come to depend on OCM Global because they can see the difference. These professionals see consistent feed intake resulting in uninterrupted performance and growth.

OCM Global helps to restore and maintain normal intestinal function, making it an essential part of each area of production:

  • Sows & Gilts
  • Grow-Finish

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Finisher Pak

What it is:

Contains high performance feed efficiency and growth factors for growing and finishing pigs.

Plus lysine, an essential amino acid needed for rapid and efficient growth

A source of potassium for intra-cellular nutrition

Plus fried yucca extract, which enhances animal performance under stress.

Also contains Streptococcus faecium M74, a beneficial bacteria that produces high levels of lactic acid. SF M74 also produces natural B-complex vitamins, hydrogen peroxide as well as enzyme like compounds. These properties potentially give the pig a more efficient digestive track.

When it is used:

Use to improve growth and feed efficiency. Test results indicate the incorporation of Swine Finisher Pak in a growing-finishing ration will improve the growth of the healthy hogs by .1 pound per head per day. Swine reaching finishing weights earlier will be more efficient.

Use when ammonia levels are a problem.

Use to prevent the accumulation of solids in manure pits.

How it is used:

Add to growing-finishing rations at the rate of 10 pounds per ton. The average pig will require 2.5 pounds per head during this period.

May be used in pig starter and sow rations at the rate of 10 pounds per ton.

No withdrawal necessary prior to slaughter.

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Bio 5


Bio 5 is a Live Feed Additive, the ingredients in Bio 5 have been thoroughly tested in university studies! These studies clearly show that A STEADY DIET OF Bio 5’s bacterial blend, coupled with our proprietary delivery system, greatly enhance digestion, rumen, and overall health.

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Swine producers value fast weight gain as piglets wean to solid feed – a faster, and easier transition ensures piglet health, and faster to market. In a scientific study, 45 piglets on Bio 5 performed significantly better than a 47 head control group. Feed-uptake improved as much as 25% over the control group, and average weight gain improved 9.9% during the test period. Faster to market means a quicker pay-day!

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