The Family History

In 1933 August and Carmalita Zamzow began manufacturing animal feed in Boise, Idaho. Using formulas from the University of Idaho and some hand tools, Grandma Z – as the family called her – would hand mix her own blend of vitamins and minerals, plus local-grown grains. The finished products, turned a shovelful at time, were packed into 100 lb. bags that were hand-sewn closed.

Grandma Z listened to her customer’s feedback, and read every scrap of new information about animal health she could find. As a result, Zamzow formulas quickly gained a reputation as products that just worked better. By the early 1950’s, Zamzows had outgrown their first facility. Grandma Z’s son Bernie used the profits saved over the years to purchase a much larger flour mill in Meridian, Idaho, which was renovated and converted to the current feed mill. That mill stands today, still making great animal feeds – but the next generation, Bernie’s son, Jim Zamzow, had ideas that went beyond livestock feeds.

Jim Zamzow’s interests in the 1980’s led him to research high performance supplements for the horse industry. What started with horses quickly expanded to include everything from dogs and cats to exotic birds and zoo animals. Today, Jim’s children Jos and Callie Zamzow continue the family tradition – the fourth generation of Zamzows.

In 2009 the company purchased several feed manufacturing facilities in Iowa, which greatly expanded company capacity for large-volume production. The family named this division “PharmTech” – and the focus was on vitamin and mineral premixes for swine and poultry operations all over the world.

After a brief transition period, the name “Pharm-Tech” was changed to Catalyst, to reflect the family’s commitment to high quality nutrition and away from the antibiotic and chemical products that made up the majority of sales historically. Today Catalyst has 7 separate mixing lines, with multiple unique packaging options. Our expertise has grown to include water soluble and biological products that leverage all of the newest technology involving live bacteria as well as plant extracts and certified organic blends. The Catalyst facility services clients in China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Canada and is moving rapidly in Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines.


Named Triple-F for many years, and more recently called Pharmtech, Catalyst is the successor company, now owned by a Boise family with over 83 years of experience in the animal feed business. While we are continuing to produce well-known legacy products like OCM and Finisher Pak, we’ve changed our name to reflect the fact that drug blending is no longer part of our core business. We’re working to bring new and improved proprietary products to the market to help make your herd as efficient as possible!


Catalyst – a Safe Feed/Safe Food certified facility – has blending mills in Urbandale, Iowa. We manufacture proprietary pre-mix vitamin and mineral supplements, prebiotics, probiotics, and private-label products for our various customers. We’re family-owned, and working hard to grow our business in a unique niche – small batches, complex mixes, the things the “big guys” don’t want to mess with.


We have a wide variety of processes capable of producing batches from 200 pounds, up to 8,000 lbs or 4 tons. Our packaging capabilities range from 4 oz. pouches to 1 ton totes – offering customers maximum flexibility and efficiency in production. We can wet-mix, we can make bolus products, and soon we’ll be organic certified. We have a wide variety of proprietary products to suit your herd’s needs, and we’re happy to blend your nutritionist’s specific mix when it’s called for.

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