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Bio 5


Bio 5 is a Live Feed Additive, the ingredients in Bio 5 have been thoroughly tested in university studies! These studies clearly show that A STEADY DIET OF Bio 5’s bacterial blend, coupled with our proprietary delivery system, greatly enhance digestion, rumen, and overall health.

Bio 5 Product Label
Bio 5 Organic Product Label


Drastically Reduced Herd Deaths

  • Dramatic reduction in calf deaths when compared to prior year averages.
  • Overall heard deaths dropped well below average data for the same period.
  • Abortions down well below industry averages, and record lows for the test herd.

Less Waste and Odor, Fewer Flies

  • Reduced ammonia emissions
  • Healthier environment for both animals and workers with reduced respiratory distress and fewer cases of pneumonia
  • Reduced cost of manure treatment

What Results Can Be Expected?

  • Improved calf viability- a recent herd study (1500 head) showed a reduction in aborts of 61%
  • Enhanced overall herd viability- the same study showed a reduction in overall herd deaths of 44%
  • Reduced ammonia emissions and odor by over 80%
  • Calf-death reduction of 61% (based on herd study)
  • Guaranteed shelf-life – two years

OCM Global

OCM Global is truly a friend in the feedlot! OCM Global is a unique blend of minerals (non-medicated) used to prevent and solve livestock digestion issues. OCM has been used in the feedlot with confidence for decades. Owners, Managers, and Veterinarians have come to depend on OCM Global because they can see the difference – consistent feed intake, uninterrupted performance and growth!

OCM Global helps restore and maintain normal rumen and intestinal functions, making it an essential product for each phase of feeding:

  • Incoming cattle
  • Growing cattle
  • Finishing cattle

OCM Product Info
OCM Product Label

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