Tree Secret

Traditional fertilizer products have always been designed to enhance plant growth and fruit yield. These two goals are the ideal results for landscape plants. Genetically evolved to grow slow and steady, trees that are forced to grow faster with conventional fertilizers are inherently weaker and more susceptible to wind and insect damage and disease. Tree Secret is designed to nurture plant health. For example, with Tree Secret we have learned over the past decade that consumers don’t care how fast their young Sycamore grows per year, they just want it to withstand strong winds and avoid Anthracnose. Tree Secret is a perfect fit.

Tree Secret Product Label

What it’s made of

Forty years of experimentation culminated in the product we now call Tree Secret. To make a long story short, it’s a blend of natural ingredients blended and fermented to create a nutrient cluster that allows the tree to absorb nutrients much the way that it would feed on composted leaf litter on the forest floor.

Health and Support

We understand that insects will attack the weakest trees first but there has never been a true way to support trees’ health until Tree Secret.

Most trees only see lawn fertilizer as a result of being planted in the middle of our lawns. With too much nitrogen in relationship to the other critical nutrients in a lawn fertilizer, trees are more susceptible to wind damage, boring insects and more. Tree Secret is the solution to this dilemma.

We have developed a 1-2 punch concept using Tree Secret. We diagnose the issue you may be facing starting with recommending nutritional support, then follow up with the appropriate “Rescue Chemistry”.

Applying Tree Secret



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