Tomato Secret

The picture to the right shows Jim Zamzow’s famous 17-foot tall tomato plant that yielded over 200lbs of tomatoes. The monster plant was a fun experiment he conducted to see how big he could get a plant to grow without using traditional fertilizer products. The blend of secret ingredients that he used that season became the product that we call Tomato Secret today!

Tomato Secret Product Label

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How it works

In much of the country tomato plants grow slowly during the first month after planting as roots develop and ground temperatures rise. In month two they begin to show promise; growing faster as the month progresses. In month three it’s as if a turbo boost has been applied. It’s at this stage that the right combination of nutrients in the right location can truly support the tomatoes’ genetic ambition.

Tomato Secret is the key. We provide the perfect blend of easy to use nutrients to the tomato plant to support the type of growth we want in month three, four and five.

What it’s made of

Many of the ingredients are not commonly recognized as fertilizer to most people. Ingredients like Alfalfa meal, Molasses, and Epsom salts are just a few of the keys to our formula. Tomato Secret is safe and wholesome. We sometimes joke that you could feed this product to a cow (all joking aside you really could!)

How to Grow a Giant Tomato






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