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Iowa Feed Company Expects Increased Sales in China

URBANDALE, Iowa – An Iowa company is anticipating increased sales in China, thanks to the Idaho governor’s recent trade mission to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.
Urbandale’s Catalyst, which manufactures custom animal feed, was represented on the trade mission by its parent company, Idaho-based Dynamite Marketing.

As a result of a previous trade mission in 2013, Catalyst’s OCM™ Global became the first feed additive approved for sale in China in 40 years.

OCM ™ Global is a non-medicated proprietary blend of minerals that has been credited with digestive support in swine, dairy cattle and poultry for many years.

China is the world’s largest producer of pork with more than 460 million pigs. This is about seven times the number in the United States, the second-largest producer in the world, according to The average hog farm in China has more than 8,000 head, according to Modern Farmer magazine.

“Chinese pig farms are focusing on cutting-edge technology [ ]

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