OCM Global – Other Species

OCM™ Global is truly a friend for a variety of species.  Read below about some of the other species OCM Global can help you with.


Free choice – Mix 50/50 with salt and feed free choice at all times. This is In addition to a good free choice mineral
First 3 Days in Feedlot- Feed ½ lbs. per 16 head in 8 lbs. of oats for first 3 days in the lot.
Mucus Elimination – Feed 2 oz. per head for one day.


Regular Use – Mix in the feed 2 oz. per head per day, especially the day after worming or constipation.
Digestive Upsets & “Off Feed” – Feed 2 oz. with ½ teaspoon S/F Plus.
Foaling Time -Mix 8 oz. in 3 gallons of lukewarm water immediately after foaling.


Mucus Elimination – Mix in feed once every 30 days at the rate of 25 lbs. per ton of complete ration for 1 to 2 days.
Continuous Use – Feed 5lbs per son of complete feed.