Direct-Fed Microbial

What makes Bio5 unique?

  • Three species of widely-studied bacteria housed in our proprietary nutrient delivery system
  • A proprietary nutrient delivery system that enhances bacteria viability through pelleting and digestion.
  • A unique combination of elite bacterial strains combined with a delivery system designed to ensure gut health.
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Why use a direct-fed microbial?

The ingredients in Bio5 have been thoroughly tested in universities all over the world over the last 30 years! Studies have shown that these ingredients provide many benefits when fed to swine.

What results can be expected?

  • Reduced piglet mortality(one study suggests piglet mortality is reduced by up to 14%)
  • Improved digestibility and weight gain
  • Significantly reduced ammonia emission
  • Reduced time and water used for cleaning pens

How does it work?

Scientists are learning more every day about the microflora that enable animal digestive systems to work properly. It is clear that animals thrive when a proper balance is maintained between good and bad bacteria. This balance can be effected by feed quality, stress, mycotoxin load, antibiotics, diet mineralization and many other factors. When intestinal bacteria are out of balance, pig health and feed conversion rates suffer, resulting in higher ammonia levels, and many other complications.

Including Bio5 in daily rations ensures a steady supply of good bacteria, reducing bad bacteria through competitive exclusion. Feed conversion rates improve as protiens are more completely digested. The result is healthier, faster-growing pigs, better efficiency in conversion, and reduced clean-up!

Other features and benefits:

  • Stable shelf life – two year guarantee!
  • Proven viability through pelleting process up to 200°F
  • Improves health and conversion in all stages of life

How to feed:

Bio5 is designed to be added to a finished ration for swine after weaning. Add 3lbs of Bio5 concentrate per one ton of feed. Simply feed your regular ration with Bio5 as you normally would. Some studies suggest that a slightly higher dose (5lbs per ton) might be beneficial in starter rations.

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