Proprietary Products

We offer a full line of over 100 products including feed and supplements for every animal from rabbits to ratites and from eagles to elephants.
OCM GlobalOCM Global

An all-natural blend of minerals used as a laxative and digestive aid for all types of livestock. Used world-wide to improve digestion and absorption of nutrients and encourage elimination of waste.


Poultry PAK

Poultry PAK is a potent bacteria and enzyme formula that helps prevent backup on septic tanks, cesspool systems, holding tanks, and household pipes. It helps drains to run smooth and problem-free.


Swine Finisher Pak

Swine Finisher Pak is used to improve growth and feed efficiency. Test results indicate the incorporation of Swine Finished Pak in a growing-finishing ration will improve the growth of healthy hogs by .1 pound per head per day. Swine are able to reach finishing weights earlier and more efficiently.