About Us


Sometimes you need a secret weapon on your side to compete. That’s where Catalyst comes in play. Catalyst gives you the edge in this highly competitive global market. We are constantly refining our processes and updating our equipment to ensure that we have the best to deliver to our customers. We provide custom formulation and manufacturing services for our worldwide customers in the livestock, poultry, pet, wildlife and aquaculture industries. Our experience reaches back as far as 1933. We are here to help you fight and win the marketing wars.

  • WHEREVER you NEED it – Catalyst has expertise all of the word to help our customers compete in this global environment. Need labeling assistance for a product going to Asia? We have experts versed in regulations around the world. Interested in breaking into foreign markets, but aren’t sure how? We have the information you need. Our experts can answer your questions on product labeling, packaging, registration, and regulatory information, utilizing our nearly 30 years of experience in the global marketplace as a guide.
  • WHENEVER you NEED it – Because we work around your needs, we will supply you with product whenever you need it. Our highly flexible production facilities and staff allow us to manufacture just the amount you need, and if you’d like, we can even store and ship your product directly to your customers. If you need the product tomorrow or next year, we are here to accommodate your needs.
  • At the PRICE you NEED – Our customers need to be price competitive, and we are able to offer our products economically because we operate efficiently and with low overhead. Our entire business and production facilities are organized to provide you with the highest level of service at the lowest possible cost. We want to pass these savings along to you.
  • HOWEVER you NEED it – Whether you need a unique product package, a particular label design, or a custom product manufactured, we’ll meet your needs. Our combination of years of experience and dedicated staff, we can offer you the best solutions. Our commitment to quality shows in every step of the process, from assessment of your need through completion of the projects.
  • Even when you DIDN’T KNOW you NEEDED it – Our qualified staff doesn’t stop at just taking the order, if you don’t want us to. We act as an integral part of your team, offering suggestions based on our experience in the industry to make your products the very best they can be. We are constantly refining our process and updating our equipment to ensure that we have the best to deliver to our customers.
  • We also offer something that you DON’T NEED – Our promise to every customer is that we will not compete with your business. In this competitive industry, it happens often, but we feel that by remaining neutral and objective, we can offer our customers the best products possible. We know that competition from your suppliers is certainly something that you don’t need.