Name Change to Catalyst


PharmTech International, located in Des Moines, Iowa, has officially changed its name to Catalyst.

The change is part of an ongoing effort to revitalize the business model, and recognizes that drug-blending is no longer central to that model moving forward. Jos Zamzow, Catalyst’s COO and owner said, “We recognize that the feed industry is moving into the 21’st century, and we want to help lead the charge towards better, healthier products that minimize the potential for drug-resistance. That’s also why we’re currently working on certification as directed by the Food Safety Management Act (FSMA) towards “Safe Feed / Safe Food” certification, which we expect to receive early this summer.” Moving forward domestically, “Our intent is to reestablish ourselves as a preeminent supplier of quality feed supplement products – and we’re working on organic and non-GMO products and certifications to enhance that reputation with customers.”

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