PharmTech International, Producer of OCM Global for Cattle Feed, Reopens Under New Ownership


More Than 2 Million Pounds of OCM Global Digestive Supplement to Cattle Feed Sold Last Year

DES MOINES — PharmTech International, producer of OCM Global nutritional supplement for cattle, has reopened its two animal feed plants, located here and in Westside, under new ownership.
PharmTech last year sold more than 2 million pounds of OCM Global, a non-medicated proprietary blend of minerals that has been credited with digestive support in beef production for many years, said Steve Hartung, operations manager.
OCM Global works by supporting nutrient digestibility and efficient rumen fermentation, as well as maximizing feed intake, which in turn promotes efficient weight gain,” he said. “It is an essential part of the feeding phase for incoming cattle, growing cattle and finishing cattle.”
In addition to continuing production of the OCM Global nutritional supplement and providing custom livestock feed manufacturing and pelleting, PharmTech will produce proprietary animal nutrition products and fertilizers developed by its new owners, an Idaho family that has been in the animal feed business for four generations.

“We are very pleased to be operating again,” added Hartung. “The new owners have been in the livestock feed business even longer than we have. Our combined knowledge of animal feed should be of tremendous benefit to our customers.”
“We are proud to be able to reopen a company that has been a major player in animal feed and nutrition for decades,” said Callie Novak, vice president of operations for Dynamite Marketing, Inc., which purchased the mills. “We share the same dedication to animal health, and the acquisition of the mill will make it easier for us to serve our customers in the Midwest and Eastern United States.
“Our family has been in the animal feed business since my great-grandparents came to Idaho in the early 1900s and our roots are in healthy feed for horses and livestock,” Novak said. “In fact, our horse supplement was so far ahead of its time that we have recently seen other companies use some of our original feed technology and introduce it as ‘new’ — 20 years after we first introduced it.”
Dynamite’s growth in the Midwest and on the East Coast has lagged behind growth in the West, primarily because shipping costs were a deterrent. Production in Iowa is expected to change that, Novak said.
In addition to animal feeds and nutritional supplements, the mills will produce products for TerraLife, Dynamite Marketing’s sister company and distributor of the Dr. JimZ Secret Formula Save-a-Tree fertilizer and related products.
Additional information is available at or by calling 515-254-1290.

PharmTech reopens in Westside


After six weeks, PharmTech is back in operation in Westside.

PharmTech began producing custom feed and ingredients at facilities in Westside and Des Moines in 1996 and was purchased by Dynamite Marketing, Inc., this year. Operations and equipment in Westside remain unchanged at this time.
Steve Hartung, operations manager of PharmTech, said in a press release, “We are very pleased to be operating again. The new owners have been in the livestock feed business even longer than we have. Our combined knowledge of animal feed should be of tremendous benefit to our customers.”

Debra Vogl, office manager in Westside, stated she is pleased to be able to continue offering high quality products to their customers. She has worked at this location for many years and been through lots of changes with the company.
Additional staff at the location include Larry Ahrendsen, the only other veteran worker, Keith Klocke, Chad Reynods, and Jim Wolterman.
One of the best known proprietary products – OCM Global – PharmTech manufactured and marketed two million pounds of, according to their web site (, “A uniquely formulated source of supplemental minerals for livestock and poultry, which has been often imitated but never duplicated!”
Dynamite Marketing is headquartered in Meridian, Idaho, where they have manufactured their own specialty products since the 1930s. Products include supplements and feeds for all types of animals, but the company has historically specialized in equine nutrition.
Lavon Calzacorta, Operations Manager for Dynamite Marketing, said of the acquisition, “It is a great avenue for corn and soybeans to be purchased here and used in Idaho.”
Because the grain is produced here, the cost savings from purchasing it here will allow Dynamite Marketing to improve distribution and expand product offerings nationally.
Calzacorta also asserted, “We try to buy everything we possibly can locally.”
Currently, PharmTech in Westside is not equipped with a grain dealer license so cannot purchase products directly from producers but utilizes commodities from local cooperatives and other suppliers. Vogl thought this might be something they would pursue in the future.
The Westside location is an important, and somewhat unique, addition to the company, Calzacorta insisted, because it “can handle any size from great big batches to small bags.